Bench Coach in WGT Baseball

Bench Coach in WGT Baseball: MLB

Bench Coach is a type of Coach in WGT Baseball that improves your player substitutions in the game.

Game Hints & Tips

UNLOCK - This coach unlocks with a Major League Ballpark at Level 35, or with a Premium or Prestige Ballpark, available with paid Chips. When available, you can buy a Bench Coach in the SHOP on the COACHES tab.

PLAYER SUBSTITUTIONS - Having this coach in your "Active Coaching Staff" improves the effectiveness of any player substitutions you make during games. New players coming in "cold" won't have their skills reduced as much, and as the Bench Coach moves up in rank they will continue improving the substitution's performance.

RANKS - Bench Coaches have 4 different ranks for you to achieve by substituting players. Click the "info" button to see how to move them to the next rank.

SUPER SUB - When your Bench Coach reaches the maximum rank, your first substitution in each game will come in boosted for free. This not only saves you the usual 60 Chips cost, but those players enter the game with 100% of their skills PLUS a batting boost (either Coverage, Power or Vision).

ACTIVATE - Your team will only receive the benefits of this coach if they are part of your "Active Coaching Staff." Make changes to your active and reserve coaches by clicking the BALLPARK icon on your main screen.

PREMIUM COACHES - All types of Coaches have a Premium version you can get using paid Chips. These provide the maximum benefits that Coach offers, without having to work your way up the ranks.

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