Dynamic Batting in WGT Baseball

Dynamic Batting

There are two batting modes in WGT Baseball: Automatic Batting and Dynamic Batting . Dynamic Batting lets you control your swing type and the timing of your batter's swing, vs. Automatic where you simply choose the area of your batting zone to cover for each swing.

Game Hints & Tips

  • You have the option to select Automatic Batting or Dynamic Batting before starting each Friend, Rival or Season game
  • To pick your batting mode, click the gear button (next to the volume control) on your game home page, select Automatic or Dynamic, then begin a game
  • Choose whether you want your swing to have more focus on Contact, Power or just Normal before each one by clicking your choice – making your choice also triggers the pitch (so be ready!)
  • The ball will appear as a circle in your batting zone when it's thrown, so MOVE YOUR MOUSE to aim and CLICK when it turns green to time your swing as it crosses the plate
  • Dynamic Batting is available in Friend, Rival and Season games right now, and you can change your selection before you start any of those types of games

Expert Game Tip

If you guess the pitch type correctly (see the options above the strike zone), you're rewarded with some extra time to hit your pitch.

Play a game with Dynamic Batting now in WGT Baseball: apps.facebook.com/WGTBaseballMLB