Earn Fans in WGT Baseball

Earn More Fans

No one likes playing an empty stadium, so you'll want to earn more Fans in WGT Baseball, as you'll level up faster and earn more **Coins too.

Game Hints & Tips

  • PLAY GAMES - the easiest, most consistent way to gain Fans, so play daily - especially against friends as it doesn't use any energy
  • SEASONS - earn even more Fans than rival games by actively playing your Season games (you don't gain any Fans for auto-played games)
  • TEAM GOALS - complete the goals on your home page to earn Fans while also improving your team

Expert Game Tip

Hover over the current number of Fans you have (on the game's home screen) with your mouse to see how many Fans you need to earn to advance to the next level.

Earn fans now in WGT Baseball: apps.facebook.com/WGTBaseballMLB