Energy in WGT Baseball

energy WGT Baseball: MLB

Energy is a crucial player skill in WGT Baseball. More Energy allows your players to play more Rival games (including Seasons) and to Train more.

Game Hints & Tips

  • USING ENERGY - Whenever you play a game against a Friend), you use Energy for every player in your active lineup for that game.
  • INCREASE ENERGY - Train your players' Energy skill from the Training screen to increase their maximum Energy level. You can also temporarily increase energy levels by accepting Energy gifts from Friends (these last for ~15 minutes from when you accept them), or purchase Team Energy Boosts on the pre-game lineup screen with Chips.
  • ENERGY LEVEL CALCULATIONS - As you level-up in the game, each player's Energy amount does not necessarily increase at the same rate as their Max Energy skill point total, here is a formula to help...

    1. Every player has a minimum capacity of 5 Max Energy points, plus:
    2. One Max Energy point for each trained energy level from 1-20, or;
    3. One Max Energy point for every 2 trained energy levels, 21 and higher
  • STATUS - Each player has a red Energy level bar that tells you how much they currently have available, that you can see in your Training screen or pre-game lineup screen before a game.

  • REFILL - When you use player Energy to play games or to train, the Energy levels will automatically refill with time. It takes 8 minutes per 1 Energy to refill automatically, or you can buy more Energy with paid Chips. To see how much longer you have until your next Energy point refills and to buy Energy, just click a player's name from the Training screen and see the Energy bar at the top.

Expert Game Tip

To start a new game in WGT Baseball, your starting 9 players must have at least the required amount of Energy for that game. For example, to play a daily Season game, your active lineup all need to have at least 5 Energy.

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