Equipment in WGT Baseball

Equipment in WGT Baseball

Equipment is another way to boost individual player skills in WGT Baseball. Get Bats, Hats, Gloves and Shoes to improve batting, defense, general and pitching skills, or get Bags with surprise items for a chance to get more rare equipment.

Game Hints & Tips


  • BATS - Improve your player batting skills, including Coverage, Power and Vision with Bats.
  • HATS - Get Hats to increase general player skills, including Durability, Max Energy and Speed. You can also get more rare Hats to increase pitching skills in Bags or with Chips.
  • GLOVES - Get Gloves to improve your player defense skills, including Coverage, Fielding and Throwing.
  • SHOES - Improve general player skills, including Durability, Max Energy and Speed with Shoes.
  • BAGS - Choose based on the number of items inside, and the level of rarity for those items. You won't know exactly what item you're getting, but you do have a chance for something better than you expect!
  • MISC - Currently there is no "Miscellaneous" equipment available in the game, but stay tuned for updates...

HOW DOES IT WORK? - Equipment items increase your total skill level, not just training points. For example, if your Batting Vision skill is 49 and you equip a Bat with +3 Batting Vision, you will increase your skill level to 52. You will see this (+3) on the new Training or Equipment screen in parenthesis, as the player's Batting Vision will look like this: "49 (+3)"

  • Equipment loses 1 point of Durability after every active game played with that item.

GET EQUIPMENT - You get equipment as awards by playing your daily Season games, completing Season Team Sponsorships, at the end of each Season (better equipment for higher rankings), and you have a chance of getting equipment after playing Rival games (more innings in the Rival game = better chances of getting a Bag). You can also get equipment for your team in the Shop, using Coins or Chips, including Bags containing multiple items.

INVENTORY - This is where all of your available equipment is stored, before you give it to a specific player. The available space to store items is limited, so be sure to Equip your players or Sell items to make room for new ones.

EQUIP - When you have available equipment in your Inventory, use the left/right arrows next to your players' names to choose the player you want to give an item to. When their player card is chosen, select something to "Equip" and you will see that item show up under the player photo. Note: you can have up to 5 different items equipped, per player, at one time - and only one of each type (Bat, Hat, Glove, Shoes, Misc). There is no way to "unequip" an item, so if you want to equip a new item with another of the same type (ex: a new Hat), the original Hat will be replaced.

  • If a player is poached, sold, etc. and moves to another team, any equipment that is attached to that player goes with them.

BROKEN EQUIPMENT - When your equipment gets down to 0 durability, it stays attached to your player but it has no effect on them. Repair it to get it back to full power!

REPAIR - Each item of equipment has a durability level that decreases by 1 after each game it's used in. You have the choice to repair items individually, or "Repair All Team Items" from the Training screen. But you don't have to repair after each game, just when your items are "broken" (get down to 0 durability). The cost to repair each item depends on its rank - the higher the rank, the higher the cost.

Expert Game Tip

There are many ways to get new equipment for your team. You have the option to buy specific items or Bags with Coins or Chips, but can also earn equipment by playing regularly. Every daily Season game will award you a Bag, as well as completing a Team Sponsorship, at the end of each Season and for playing some Rival games. When you play Rival games, you have a chance of receiving a Bag – a chance that is higher when you play multi-inning games, the more the innings, the higher the chance.

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