Free Agents in WGT Baseball

The quality of your WGT Baseball team plays a big part in your success as a manager. Training your Facebook Friends is the basic strategy to start with, but from there you have some options to add to your team with various Free Agents.

Game Hints & Tips

Open the "Free Agents" screen from your game's home screen, and you'll see your current roster and your options to add more players to your team.

  • FRIENDS tab - sign your Facebook Friends to your team by selecting "Sign Player."
  • POACH PLAYER tab - sign other available players, many who have trained skills so you won't have to start from zero. These are unsigned players (whose player contracts have expired) that are currently on your Friends' rosters or the rosters of your Season opponents' teams, and available for you to "poach."
  • MLB PLAYERS - sign former MLB players that are all highly-skilled (pre-trained) players.
  • FARM PLAYERS - sign pre-trained players that aren't MLB level, but you don't have to start training from zero.

Expert Game Tip

Check the Free Agents list regularly because available players might change often. When your Friends let their player contracts expire, they will appear on the list. Also, unsigned players from the teams in your current Season are available for you to sign, and these will change with each new Season.

See available Free Agents now in WGT Baseball: