Injuries in WGT Baseball

Injuries in WGT Baseball

Just like real baseball, injuries are a part of the game, and as a WGT Baseball Manager you're responsible for training your players and making necessary lineup adjustments.

Game Hints & Tips

  • TRAINING - Train each of your player's Durability skill from the Training screen to prevent injuries and shorten injury times.
  • RESERVES - When you have an injury reported, make an immediate replacement with a Reserve from your bench who you've also trained, especially for Pitchers.
  • SUBS - If you have injured players but don't have enough Reserve players available to fill in, subs will magically appear in your lineup, but they can't be trained and have poor stats so Reserves are much better.

Expert Game Tip

Your player energy levels do not affect your chances of getting injured. Even if you have "low" energy, your chances are the same.

Train your players now in WGT Baseball: