Play Friends in WGT Baseball

Play Friends in WGT Baseball: MLB

There are a number of different games you can play in WGT Baseball. Games against friends is one way to play, and is great for earning Coins and Fans quickly without using any of your players' energy, so you can play more games each day.

Game Hints & Tips

  • FRIENDS - Your WGT Baseball Friends are your Facebook Friends that also play WGT Baseball, which you'll see along the bottom of the game's home screen.
  • PLAY DAILY - You can challenge your friends once per day to single-inning games or a home run derby. When you play your half of the game, your friend is notified to play their half to determine the final score and payouts.
  • ENERGY - A big advantage of playing friends is that it doesn't use any of your team's energy, so you can play against as many friends as you want each day.
  • EXTRA ENERGY - When you have your friends on your team, their player card will get FREE energy every day they play WGT Baseball. This extra energy bonus is temporary, but gives you a boost to play more games or for better training options.
  • PAYOUTS - By playing against friends, you will earn more Coins and Fans than you would in a rival game.

Expert Game Tip

Get as many of your Facebook Friends playing the game as you can. The more friends you have in the game, the more opponents you have, the more free energy you can get, and it's an easy way to earn more Coins and Fans.

Challenge your friends now in WGT Baseball: