Player Contracts in WGT Baseball

Player contracts in WGT Baseball work just like the big leagues, with signing costs (to buy players) and renewal costs (to keep them on your team).

Game Hints & Tips

  • See and manage all of your players' contract costs on the "Free Agent" screen
  • Players must have an active contract to play and to train
  • When a player contract runs out (expires or is not auto renewed), they become part of your team's reserves
  • Player contracts last for 20 days, so make sure to monitor them or set to auto renew
  • Make sure you have enough Coins to afford player contracts, or they will expire and they will become "unsigned," allowing other players to poach them
  • You can poach unsigned players on the Free Agent screen, under the "Poach Player" tab

Expert Game Tip

Set your player contracts to "Auto Renew" to make sure they don't expire, making your players free agents and available for others to poach.

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