Player Substitutions in WGT Baseball

Player Substitutions in WGT Baseball

Great baseball managers know when to change things up, so use the player substitution feature to make changes to your lineup during games. You can make batter and defensive player subs to throw your opponent a "curveball" (pun intended).

PINCH HITTER - During each of your players' at-bats, you can click the blue "SUBSTITUTE" button below the player card to choose one of your reserve players to hit for them.

DEFENSIVE REPLACEMENT - The next time your team takes the field on defense, after you make a player substitution, you will have the option to leave the pinch hitter in or put in another reserve on defense.

MULTI-INNING GAMES - You can make player substitutions in any multi-inning game in WGT Baseball.

GAME-READY - When you make a player sub, you can choose to put the player in "cold" (not warmed up), "warmed up" or "boosted."

  • COLD: make subs for FREE, the player's skills will be reduced by 25% so they will play with 75% of their total possible skills, but this reduction will only last for that player's first inning
  • WARMED UP : player will have 100% of their skills just like any other starting player, costs 50 Chips
  • BOOSTED: player will have 100% of their skills PLUS a batting boost (either Coverage, Power or Vision) that lasts for 15 minutes, costs 60 Chips

Expert Game Tip

Once you sub a player out and replace them, they cannot be put back into the game. Only reserve players on your roster are available as subs.

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