Play Rivals in WGT Baseball

Play Rivals in WGT Baseball: MLB

Rival games is one type of game you can play in WGT Baseball. Each week, compete in multi-inning games every week against a group of equally-skilled rival teams to earn points and rewards, and work your way up the leaderboard.

Game Hints & Tips

  • WEEKLY RIVALS - Each week, challenge Rival opponents to earn points and in-game rewards. Click the "Opponents" tab on the Rivals screen to see all the teams and their stats, including their team rating, points and current standing. You can also choose to Challenge any of these teams from here, based on difficulty:
    • "Normal" - Challenge one of these teams to earn points and rewards as usual
    • "Hard" - Challenge one of these teams to earn extra Rival points, if you beat them.
  • TICKETS - Unlike Friend and Season games, Rival games require free Tickets to play. These Tickets re-generate automatically with time (see timer in-game), or you can purchase additional with Chips to get more instantly. They can also be earned as a Streak or Progress Reward.
    • Cost - Use 1 ticket to play a 3-inning Rivals game and 3 tickets to play a 9-inning Rivals game.
    • 3- or 9-inning games - 9-inning games give you the best coin payout while 3-inning games are a better choice for earning Rivals Points.
  • HOW DO POINTS WORK? Earn points by playing games against rivals, the amount of points you get is determined by the result of each game. You only earn points for "home" games you actively play, and you earn in-game rewards as you rack up points.
  • REWARDS - There are 3 types of rewards that you can earn by playing Rivals...
    • WIN STREAK - When you win a 3-inning Rivals game, a 10-minute timer starts counting down to begin your win streak. Win another game within that 10 minutes to keep the streak going! 9-inning games work the same way, but with a 30 minute timer. VIEW the Win Streak Rewards on the REWARDS tab to see the full list.

      You can always pause your streak by clicking the PAUSE GAME button, and resume play when it's convenient for you. (Note: when Rival play is paused, Ticket re-generation is also paused.)

    • PROGRESS - Accumulate Rivals Points to earn these rewards and they are awarded to you automatically. VIEW the full Progress Reward list on the REWARDS tab.
    • STANDING - Earn Standing Rewards at the end of each Rivals week, when the event ends. This is determined by your final standing for that week, VIEW the full Standing Reward list on the REWARDS tab.
  • TEAM RATING - Winning games increases your team rating and losing games decreases it. If you beat a higher-rated team, you will get a more positive rating change than if you beat a lower-rated team. Similarly, if you lose to a lower-rated team, you will get a more negative rating change than if you lose to a higher-rated team.
  • STANDINGS - Your standing on the leaderboard is based on the amount of points you earned during the current week. At the end of each Rival week, you will earn Standing Rewards based on your final rank.
  • TIE-BREAKERS - Ties in the standings are broken by:
    • Number of wins
    • Number of runs against (the team with the least number of runs scored against them wins)
    • Team rating
    • If necessary, a coin flip
  • LEADERBOARD - Shows the top overall teams in the game, of all the teams in WGT Baseball. You can see the top 20 teams, and your team's current position.

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