Road Trip in WGT Baseball

Road Trip in WGT Baseball: MLB

Road Trip in WGT Baseball is a game type where you can play in all 30 MLB ballparks, completing challenges and earning in-game rewards as you go.

Game Hints & Tips

  • SELECT CHALLENGES - Each MLB ballpark has a different set of challenges for you to try. Select an available Division on the left side of the screen, then click a Team Logo on the map to view the Challenge List for that ballpark.
  • PLAY CHALLENGES - Playing a Challenge is like playing another Rival game, and requires 5 Energy to play.
  • COMPLETE CHALLENGES - Each Challenge is an opportunity to earn up to 3 baseballs, which you accumulate to get in-game rewards. Before you begin a Challenge, you will see the list of "Win Conditions" that you need to complete to earn baseballs for that Challenge. If you complete the first condition, you get 1 baseball, if you complete the first and second condition, you get 2 baseballs, and to earn 3 baseballs, you have to complete all 3 conditions.
    • Example: in the Challenge below, you would need to hit at least 1 homerun AND win by 3 or more runs to earn 3 baseballs.

  • REWARDS - As you earn baseballs from Challenges, these baseballs accumulate to earn you in-game rewards. You can see the full Rewards List by clicking the Rewards button in the Road Trip screen, and as you earn enough baseballs these rewards will be automatically added to your inventory.
  • UNLOCKING DIVISIONS/CHALLENGES - As you complete Challenges and earn baseballs, you will also unlock new Divisions (see left side of screen). Additional Challenges in each ballpark are unlocked by earning at least 1 baseball in the previous Challenge.
  • DIFFICULTY - Before you begin a Challenge, you will see that Challenge's difficulty level - which is based on your team's current skill levels. If you don't think your team is ready to take on the Challenge quite yet, you can always wait and come back to it when your team has improved.
    • Each Challenge is also numbered, beginning with a 1-, 2- or 3-, representing your first, second and third trip around the map. You'll see that all the Challenges beginning with 1- are less difficult than 2-, so Challenge 2-1 will be significantly harder than 1-1.
  • PAYOUTS - Challenge games have one-time Coin and Fan payouts, that you get when the game is won for the first time (whether you earn baseballs or not). You can still earn Coins and Fans if you replay a Challenge game, but you will earn much less.

Expert Game Tip

Road Trip is the best way in the game to "travel" to all 30 MLB ballparks and get each stadium's unique experience.

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