Roster Management in WGT Baseball

Roster Management in WGT Baseball: MLB

The new Roster screen is an easy, central place for you to manage your baseball team in WGT Baseball. From the Roster screen you can see all the players on your team (actives and reserves), monitor Energy and skill levels, train and equip players with new Equipment.

Game Hints & Tips

  • POSITION (P) - Active players (on the field) have their current position noted, while Reserve players are marked with an "R" to help you keep track.
  • ENERGY - Check each player's current Energy level to determine whether you have enough to start a Rival or Season game or need to do some skill training.
  • SKILLS - See player skill levels for the four skill categories: General (GEN), Batting (BAT), Defense (DEF) and Pitching (PIT). Numbers within parenthesis "(+3)" show the effect of any Equipment each player has equipped.
  • ACTION - You can EQUIP new Equipment, TRAIN your team and COLLECT training points, and you can monitor current training or choose to instantly train using Chips.
  • REPAIR ALL TEAM EQUIPMENT - In the bottom right corner of the screen, you'll notice a Coin amount button to "Repair All Team Equipment." See the Equipment tips for more about that.

Expert Game Tip

Use the Roster Management screen frequently to manage your team quickly and efficiently. Having all of this information on the same screen makes it easy to make sure your team is in its best condition and ready to play!

Manage your roster now in WGT Baseball: