Sacrifice Fly in WGT Baseball

Sacrifice Fly in WGT Baseball

A Sacrifice Fly can be the difference between winning a game or losing a baseball game. Now in WGT Baseball, when you have a runner on 3rd base, you can try to hit a "sac fly" to score that runner even though your batter is out.

Game Hints & Tips

BASE COACH - To use the sacrifice fly option, you need to have the Base Coach active, which unlocks with a Double A Ballpark at Level 20.

POWER SWING - You need to use the Dynamic Batting option to hit a sacrifice fly, and while it's possible to use a Contact or Normal swing, you have the best chance of hitting a sacrifice fly with the Power swing.

SACRIFICE FLY - The "sac fly" option becomes available when you have an active Base Coach and a runner on 3rd base with less than 2 outs. Improve your chances of a successful sac fly by training your Batting Power and runner's Speed skills. Note, currently you can only hit a sacrifice fly when you have a runner on 3rd base, not on 1st base or 2nd base yet.

Expert Game Tip

You need to hit far enough into the outfield for a sacrifice fly to be successful, just like in real baseball. Be sure your players' Batting Power skills are strong or use a Power Boost, and that your runner's Speed skills are trained up.

Try a sacrifice fly now in WGT Baseball: