Seasons in WGT Baseball

Seasons in WGT Baseball

Seasons in WGT Baseball include daily online baseball games automatically scheduled against other teams at a similar level. Your team is placed in a new 8-team division every 2 weeks, giving you new competition with each Season.

Game Hints & Tips

  • SCHEDULE - Play regular Season games daily for 11 days, followed by 2 days of Playoffs, then an "off" day before the next Season starts to train your team for the next one.
  • MULTI-INNINGS - Each daily game is a 3-inning game and Playoff games are 9 innings, so be sure to have a well-rounded lineup.
  • DOUBLEHEADERS - Every day during the Season, you'll see two results from your daily doubleheader. You actively play your 3 innings against your opponent, and their inning scores are simulated. That same day, your opponent plays their 3 innings against you, and your team's inning scores are simulated. This gives you faster results (and payouts).
  • POSTSEASON - The last two days of every Season are Playoff games. After your 11 regular games, you are placed in a bracket based on your current ranking, and play two days of 9-inning games to determine the final standings.
  • TIES - Tie-breakers in Seasons are: 1. number of points, 2. number of wins, and 3. the number of runs scored against.
  • PAYOUTS - Individual Season game Coin and Fan payouts were increased in Fall 2012. Based on your final Season standing, you also receive an end-of-Season payout that is a significant way to earn Coins in the game, which will help you manage your team better and level up faster. You also receive a bonus bag of Equipment with new gear to equip your players with.
  • FINANCES - You have two additional ways to earn more Coins during Seasons: TV Contracts and Team Sponsors. In the "Finances" tab on your Seasons screen, just choose the options best for you.
  • ELIGIBILITY - Seasons unlocks for players Level 5 and higher. Once unlocked, you're placed in a division within 24 hours.

Expert Game Tip

Actively play your Season game every day because you earn more by actively playing, and it's the easiest way to earn the most Coins and Fans.

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