Stealing Bases in WGT Baseball

Stealing Bases in WGT Baseball

Base Stealing can make the difference between scoring a run(s) and leaving runners stranded on base. As a manager, it's up to you whether to make the call or not for your players.

Game Hints & Tips

  • To steal a base, you must be in Manager Mode (button below scoreboard) during an at-bat with a runner on base
  • You can only steal 2nd or 3rd base – no stealing home yet – and it's much easier to steal 2nd than 3rd
  • If you have bases loaded, your stealing options are disabled because of the runner at 3rd
  • See your base runner's percent chance for a successful 2nd or 3rd base steal and then make your call
  • Slow runners don't usually steal bases successfully so start training your players' Speed skill
  • See base stealing stats to help make better lineup and stealing decisions

Expert Game Tip

Train your catcher's Defensive Throwing skill to help throw out those base runners.

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