Training in WGT Baseball

Training in WGT Baseball

Training is crucial to your team's success in WGT Baseball. Train each of your players in different categories based on their position to create the most effective lineup.

To choose your training options:

  • Open your "Training" screen
  • Choose the SKILL category you want to train
  • Select between TIMED training (using Coins) or INSTANT training (using Chips) and how long you want to train for
  • Click the (+) button next to each player's name for the specific skill you want to train

Game Hints & Tips

Training options include General, Batting, Defense, and Pitching. Choose options based on amount of Coins, Energy cost, training time, and amount of training points.


  • General: Durability (to prevent injuries and reduce injury time)
  • General: Energy (ability to play more rival games, train players more)
  • General: Speed (increases the chance of stealing bases)


  • Batting: Coverage (affects how much of the batting zone a batter can cover)
  • Batting: Power (increases chances of hitting for extra bases)
  • Batting: Vision (increases ability to hit successfully)


  • Defense: Coverage (increases chances of a fielding out on defense)
  • Defense: Fielding (decreases chances of fielding errors)
  • Defense: Throwing (reduces extra base hits by your opponent)


  • Pitching: Coverage (affects how much of the batting zone a pitcher can cover)
  • Pitching: Power (makes it harder for opponents to hit safely)
  • Pitching Control (increases chances of throwing strikes)

Expert Game Tip

Unlock longer training options by training up your players' Energy skill, new options are available at Energy skill levels 5, 9, 14, 18, 23, 28, 34, 38.

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