Vacation Mode in WGT Baseball

Vacation Mode in WGT Baseball

Vacation Mode is a feature option that you can use when you know you will be away from the game for a few days... for, say, a vacation!

Game Hints & Tips

  • Contracts  - Vacation Mode pauses your player and sponsorship contracts so you don't lose any players or earned Coins while you're away.
  • Free Week - You get one free week of "Vacation Mode" to use every 6 months.
  • Set Up - Choose your Vacation Mode options in the Shop, under "Team."
  • Need More Time? If you need to pause your team for longer than the free week, you can buy more time with paid Chips in the Shop.
  • Team Play - Even if your team is set to be "on vacation," it will still be participating in its current Season (auto-playing for you), so you will still have results against Rival teams and be earning Coins while you're away.

Expert Game Tip

Even though your team will still be playing its Season games while you're away, you always earn more Coins and Fans when you're actively playing. So try to use this option only when necessary to earn more!

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