Gifting in WGT Baseball

WGT Baseball: MLB Gifting

A great way to give individual players and teams a "boost" in WGT Baseball is with Gifts. Send free Gifts to your friends in the game to help them improve Batting Coverage, Power and Vision, and increase Team Energy.

Game Hints & Tips

  • Send - Choose free Gifts to send friends in the in-game Store, you can send one gift to each friend per day.
  • Accept - When friends send you Gifts, you can apply up to 10 total per day to improve your team.
  • Effects - Each gift's effect lasts about 15 minutes once it's applied, and only one can be active at a time – so if a player is using one Gift and you apply a new one that also affects them, the newest will replace it.

Expert Game Tip

Be strategic when applying Gifts to your team, they don't last forever so give your players a boost before a big game for improved abilities or use Energy Gifts to allow you to do some extended training.

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