• Compete, Train and Manage your team to the top.
  • Earn rewards by competing in Weekly Leaderboards, finishing top 3 in your League, and completing milestones in Weekly Progress Rewards.


  • Raise your Team Level by playing games and earning XP.
  • Rewards such as Currency, Training Cards and Consumables may be earned with each Team Level gained.
  • Unlock additional permanent upgrades like an additional Pitching Lineup, Active Batters, Bench slots and Inventory Space.


  • Every Player has one or two natural positions in which they can play and receive their IN-POSITION BONUS.
  • Outfielders can play any Outfield position and Infielders can play any Infield position, but will only receive the IN-POSITION BONUS for playing in their natural positions.


  • Player Ranks determine how great a player can become.
  • The maximum value an Attribute can be raised is limited by Rank.
  • Player Ranks range:
    • 1-Star
    • 2-Star
    • 3-Star
    • 4-Star
    • 5-Star
  • Player Ranks may be raised by Combining. (See COMBINING)


  • Player Attributes determine how well a Player performs in a particular area.
  • Batter Attributes:
    • VISION - How well a batter can see a pitch coming.
    • POWER - Affects the ability to hit balls deep.
    • LUCK - Impacts errors, streaks and ???.
  • Pitcher Attributes:
    • FOCUS - Controls quality of pitch placement.
    • SPEED - Affects speed of pitches thrown.
    • MOJO - Impacts errors, streaks and ???.


  • Players may unlock useful and powerful strategic Skills as their Attributes are raised.
  • Each Attribute has its own Skill Tree with 4 possible points earned in each.
  • Batter Attributes:
    • VISION
    • POWER
    • LUCK
  • Pitcher Attributes:
    • FOCUS
    • SPEED
    • MOJO
  • Raising an attribute to the required level will unlock new Skill points. When a Skill Point is earned, the player will have the option to go to the respective Skill Tree.
  • Skill trees can be accessed at any time in the menu by going to "My Team" and then "Skills".
  • Each Skill tier offers a choice between two skills. Choose carefully as you may only choose one or the other.
  • Be aware that once a Skill is confirmed, it may only be changed by performing a skill reset with gold bars, which will reset all of a player's assigned Skills.
  • NOTE: Starting Pitchers and Relief Pitchers have different Focus Skill Trees.


  • Each game a Starting Pitcher plays in costs a Pitcher Start. Pitchers begin with 3 Starts, which replenish over time.
  • Purchase additional Pitcher Starts to play more games immediately.
  • Additional Pitching Lineups may be unlocked via leveling up and Premium currency. Each additional Lineup will come with a new Starting Pitcher, each with their own 3 Starts.
  • Starting Pitchers who are substituted into a Starting Lineup will need to warm up. They will need to recharge their starts from zero.


  • Managing Hot and Cold streaks is critical for success.
  • When a player goes on a Hot Streak, their attributes get a boost for the duration of the streak.
  • Players on a Cold Streak receive a penalty to their attributes, but they also receive a bonus to their Training results. Look for which of your players are on a cold streak when Training.


  • Inventory slots are used by Training Cards and Inactive Players.
  • Inventory size increases as your Team levels up. Additional slots may also be purchased.
  • If your inventory is over capacity, you must reduce it to within limits in order to start a game. Reduce inventory by training or upgrading players.



  • How to Bat
    • Touch and hold the screen to begin to bat.
    • While still holding the screen, move your finger to move the batting aiming circle to match up with the pitch.
    • Release to swing the bat. Timing is critical!
  • The Big Hit Meter

    The Big Hit Meter fills up when positive events occur for your team, like hits, runs and more. Once the meter is full, touch the ACTIVATE button to fill your bat with power! You now have a super-power shot at a big hit.

  • Batting Lineups

    The Batting Lineup can be re-ordered and Batters can be substituted in the Pre-game Lineup screen.

  • Active Batters
    • You may select one Active Batter to bat with during each game before the game begins.
    • Additional Active Batter selections are unlocked as your Team Level is raised with a maximum of 3.
    • You may also not select any batter(s) and allow all batting to be simulated.
  • Batter Control

    One type of consumable allows you to Take Control of a batter which you have not selected as an active batter. This can be a key strategy when you really need a hit.

  • Pinch Hitting and Bench
    • Pinch Hitter consumables allow a batter off of the bench to be inserted into the lineup as a substitute. The substituted player may not return that game.
    • Bench slots are limited, but additional slots will unlock as your Team Level is raised.
  • Stealing Bases

    When batting with a player, you may tell a runner on 1st to attempt to steal a base. The button to steal will appear in the top right corner. Simply tap the button before you swing to attempt.


  • Game Simulation
    • When you aren't batting with your Active Batter(s), outcomes are simulated based on Player Attributes.
    • You may choose to not select ANY Active Batters in order to simulate an entire game.
  • Simulation Speed

    The simulation may be set to Slow, Normal or Fast speeds by touching the Speed button.

  • Pause Menu

    The simulation may also be paused to make strategic decisions. These decisions change on Offense or Defense. These include:

    Pinch Hit
    Batter Control
    Substitute Pitcher


There are 2 types of boosts a player can use.

  • Team Boosts - Boost your team's Batting or Pitching attributes for a single game.
  • Batting Boost - Boosts your batter's Vision for one pitch.


  • Pitchers will become fatigued and lose effectiveness after a particular Pitch Count number is reached. This fatigued state is indicated by the color of your Pitcher's pitch count number. Yellow means the Pitcher is tiring and Red means he is exhausted.
  • Pitching substitutions may be made freely from the three assigned relief pitchers, but once a player is subbed out, he may not return that game.
  • Certain Pitching Skills enhance or modify a Pitcher's Effective Pitch Count. Strategize and Substitute accordingly!


  • Once your team reaches level 5, they will be entered into a League Division with 49 other teams.
  • Each week 50 teams will compete for dominance by earning League Points. Challenge your opponents for potential prizes for the top 3 finishes for the week and/or promotion to a higher division in the following week.
  • Playing games will earn you League Points. Wins are worth X League Points while Losses are worth Y.
  • Advancing to higher Divisions will increase your payouts for XP and coins for every game you play.
  • Every week Divisions are reseeded based on the previous week's results.
  • Towards the end of a League period bonus events like PLAYOFF TIME may occur, awarding double the normal amount of League Points.


  • After winning a game and starting a win streak, a 10-minute timer begins. Starting and winning another game within the time limit will reset the timer and continue the streak.
  • Bonus League points and other rewards can be earned at key milestones by extending the streak.


  • Revenge games are available to play when your team is defeated in AWAY games played against you.
  • You will get one chance to win and receive a significant REVENGE BONUS.
  • Revenge games are found in the My League menu under the REVENGE GAMES tab.


Training is a key component to improving your Players. Get Training Card by opening packs or earning rewards to use on your players.

  • Training Cards come in a wide range. Cards are specific to either Batting or Pitching, and also come in varying levels of quality, ranging from Bronze to Gold.
  • The value on the card (the big number) indicates how many training points are applied to the Player in order to raise an Attribute. Once enough training points have been applied, a player's Attribute will be raised, up until the maximum value for that rank.
  • Players are capped on how high their attributes can be raised based on the Player's Rank.
  • Raise these Attribute caps by upgrading players to raise the Player's Rank. (See HOW TO UPGRADE)
  • TIP: Players on a Cold Streak will receive a bonus to training.


  • Go to Lineup and select Training from the Menu.
  • Select the type of player you wish to train (BATTERS OR PITCHERS)
  • Use Training Cards raise the Attributes of your selected player by touching the TRAIN button.


Using specific Training Card combinations can give valuable Training Bonuses. It's worth noting that these bonuses are also cumulative.

The bonus combinations are as follows:

  • 5 of a Kind - 5 of the same number = 20% Bonus
  • 4 of a Kind - 4 of the same number = 10% Bonus
  • Full House - 3 of the same number and 2 of the same number = 5% Bonus
  • Flush - 5 of the same Attribute = 10% Bonus
  • Cold Player - Train on a Cold Streak = 20% Bonus
  • MLB Player - 10% Bonus


  • When Upgrading players, you take expendable players and use them to attempt to rank up your Target Player, which in turn raises their Attribute maximum values.
  • Player Ranks range:
    • 1-Star
    • 2-Star
    • 3-Star
    • 4-Star
    • 5-Star


  • Go to MY TEAM and select UPGRADE from the Menu.
  • Select the type of player you wish to upgrade (BATTERS OR PITCHERS)
  • Add expendable players to upgrade the Target Player.
  • A Target player who has maxed out one or more attributes will have a higher chance to rank up, as indicated by the readiness meter.


  • Clubhouses are groups players can form with up to 30 members.
  • Members can complete Daily Goals for their Team and the Clubhouse to earn rewards.
  • Members may also chat and benefit from Training Bonus Perks.


  • Every day there is a Daily Goal to complete, which will earn your team rewards.
  • There are also 3 levels to each daily Goal to complete, which become progressively more challenging with accompanying rewards.
  • Completed Daily Goals must be collected before the next level is made available.


  • All of the Clubhouse Members completing Daily Goals will also earn progress towards the Clubhouse Goal.
  • The Clubhouse Goal represents the cumulative progress of the entire Clubhouse and completing Clubhouse Goals earns Fame for the owner to spend on Perks.


  • Clubhouse Perks provide bonuses to Training to all members of the Clubhouse.
  • The Clubhouse Owner spends Fame to unlock the individual Attribute Training Perks.


  • When looking to join a Clubhouse, tap Clubhouse on the Main Menu and select the Join option.
  • There will be a list of prepopulated Public clubs to join as well as the option to Search for a specific Clubhouse on the following screen.
  • Tap Join to instantly become a member of a Public club.
  • Private Clubhouses must be applied to and the owner must accept the application in order to gain admittance.
  • A Clubhouse may also be searched for directly by name or with a Clubhouse ID, provided by existing Club Members by tapping the Copy button on the Members screen.


  • Want to be the Owner of your own Clubhouse? Create one for 20000 coins.
  • Name your Clubhouse using a maximum of 15 Characters.


  • To leave a Clubhouse, go to the Members page in the Clubhouse section and tap the Leave Clubhouse button.
  • You will be asked to confirm leaving the Clubhouse. If you do choose to leave, be aware you will lose the Clubhouse Perk bonuses.
  • Your ticket balance will stay with you after you leave a club however.
  • If an Owner leaves a Clubhouse, the ownership will default to the next longest member of the Clubhouse.


  • The Public or Private setting for your club will determine who can join and how.
  • With a Public club, anyone may join the club if there is room.
  • There are no applications required and admittance is instantaneous.
  • Private clubs require the player to apply to join.
  • The owner then accepts or denies application at their discretion.


Owners have the ability to control a number of features to manage the Clubhouse.

  • Edit the Clubhouse Message and Clubhouse Description by tapping the respective Edit buttons.
  • Kick Members by tapping the "X" by their Team name on the Members list.
  • Accept or Deny Members by tapping the response on Applications on the Members list.
  • Buy Perks using Fame on the Perks screen.



  • Packs may contain a mix of Training Cards, Players, Consumables and/or MLB or WGT Team Logos. Contents vary based on pack type.
  • Packs come in Bronze, Silver and Gold varieties for either Silver Coins or Premium packs for Gold Bars.
  • Player-only packs are also available under the Player Tab. Available Positions rotate daily and Player packs may also be purchase with Tickets.


Enter the email address you wish to bind the account to and enter a password. This email and password will be used to retrieve your account if the app is ever uninstalled and reinstalled or installed on a new device.


  • Each Week there are solo rewards for earning statistics in the chosen Stat of the week.
  • The stat of the week may be chosen to be Hits, Runs, Wins or Coins.
  • Rewards are earned at each milestone and awarded immediately.
  • Select View on the Weekly Reward Panel on the Main Menu to view the Reward table and current status.


  • Compete on weekly Leaderboards in Hits and Coins.
  • Scout your Rewards by touching the View Rewards button on the Leaderboards screen.
  • Collect your reward(s) simply by logging in the day after the Leaderboard period is complete.